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A little update

So for a long time now I have struggled with my writing. A trip to Bristol and the UK Meet didn’t fix it nor did a holiday. I’ve tried. I mean I really have. I write 1k and then read it and loose all hope. My confidence disappeared completely. I would read status updates about contracts & submissions and have to beat the jealously down with a large stick.

Not writing affected my mood and my anxiety. I was also taking hormone medication which affected me so severely that in April just before Bristol had a breakdown at work of all places. It took me 8 weeks to recover. In that time I edited my short of the NQS anthology, joined a gym, dealt with a bout social anxiety and healed. Slightly.

But I still couldn’t write and in turn I let people down.

Until this week. After I visited the London book signing earlier this week I completed a short story I’m going to submit to an anthology to be published next year. It needs editing, rewriting and some TLC but I’m so fucking proud of it.

I don’t know why I suddenly had a burst of energy. I think sitting & talking to, and finding common ground with other authors at the weekend has helped enormously. In particular the two people who I sat outside St Pancreas station with, even though they probably will wonder the hell how.

So thank you to them.

My short – Left Behind – I will submit & I have a 30k novella called Bad Boy in progress. I may not get awarded contract after contract, and I probably won’t write a book a month, but I will be kinder to myself in regards to my mental health and I definitely will be registering myself at the next book signing as an author.


2014. I am in you.

Okay. Second blog.

Stuff for 2014. Rather than say I want a new kitchen and windows (I do), and that I want to loose a shit load more weight (I do) I do actually have some writing goals for 2014. They may only be small ones but they are there.


1. Submit my completed short story for the UK Anthology with Dreamspinners. A tale set in Blackpool involving, Frank Sinatra, a theater, a man named Josef and the National Trust.

What can go wrong with that?

2. Complete and submit my first 50k novel – Nudge. Neil Diamond, cop cars, Batman, and boys named Chris and Will.

3. Submit HALO. A 5k short I did set in Cyprus. A runner, a broken leg and a balcony. Rear Window fanfic? Quite possibly.

4. Start and complete my Manchester Pride story. Connected to Nudge possibly part of a series.

5. Write the story about the serial killer. Yeah a Serial Killer.

6. Go to the UK meet in Bristol. Well pay for it. How I get there is another thing.

Sam x

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